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"My Danalee" CD

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Danalee lost a courageous three year struggle with ovarian cancer in September 2006. A couple of months later Mike had a dream of his beloved Danalee dancing among the stars and was inspired to begin writing songs and poetry that mourned and celebrated his lost love. This album includes three of these poignant melodies ￿Her Time to Go￿, ￿My Danalee￿ and ￿Still In His Heart￿.

David Milam is a fourth generation musician who grew up surrounded by relatives playing guitar, banjo, harmonica and singing blues, country, gospel and folk music. He started playing guitar and singing while in elementary school and soon after, he was learning to play the banjo and twelve string guitar. As a teenager, David heard singer/songwriter, Jim Croce perform on the Tonight Show and he knew then that he wanted to play guitar and sing for a listening audience. From fronting a top forty band, in the eighties, to a series of musical duos, he found a way to live out his dream while maintaining a day job and raising a family. In 2002, a fellow musician urged David to write his first song. Since then, David has been writing lyrics and music that come straight from his heart. His songs show an understanding of life￿s love, loss and friendships that can only come from the wisdom of experience.

Visit http://www.davidmilam.com to learn more about David Milam and to purchase CD.



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Raising awareness for ovarian cancer and promoting the love of dance.

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