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My Sister Dana's Story - Page 3



When he read the inscription, "I'm waiting for you, dancing in the stars," he knew that he must go forward and educate people everywhere about Ovarian Cancer.

Mike chose to recreate a birthday gift he had crafted for Dana back in 1984, an elegant trio of dancers posed in a butterfly frame, as the new symbol of hope for Ovarian Cancer. The Pas de Trois (Dance for Three) Butterfly Ballet Pendant is now the centerpiece of Mike's company, Butterfly Ballet, established in memory of Dana. The pendant will help raise Ovarian Cancer awareness and funding for research while fostering the love of dance. My sister is still dancing in the hearts of everyone who knew her and now she dances for all women. She made me promise never to take for granted the subtle symptoms and now I ask that same promise of all women.

On one of our last adventures together as we drove my daughter to a dance camp we came upon a billboard that read: "Ovarian Cancer ... It Whispers ... Listen." We're listening, Dana.

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Raising awareness for ovarian cancer and promoting the love of dance.

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