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We had plans, Dana and I. We were going to open a little store together: half floral shop and half pottery shop. She was looking forward to watching her granddaughter, Tessa, grow up. But Ovarian Cancer cut short her dreams.

She had the symptoms for nearly a year before she was diagnosed. We talked about them as girls do. She was even seeing a doctor, but none of us knew the symptoms or the need for immediate action if those symptoms persist for more than three weeks. Early detection of Ovarian Cancer can result in about a 95% chance of recovery. Dana might have had a chance.

As it was, she had Stage IV Ovarian Cancer when she was diagnosed. Although about one in 58 women gets the disease, it is very common for it to be detected too late. Why? The symptoms are similar to many common ailments and are often overlooked or misdiagnosed. Proper screening is something that must be demanded. We must take charge of our own health.

When she was dying, Dana worried a lot about Mike and how he would handle life after she was gone. He was inconsolable for months until she came to him in a dream on February 1, 2007, and he watched in amazement as she did a grand jete among sparkling green stars. He was already energized by the dream when I arrived later that day with the porcelain urn I had created.

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