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In 2003 when she was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer at just 51 years old, our perfect world collapsed. She died on September 26, 2006, but she might have lived if we'd known her symptoms are a red flag if experienced for a period of more than three weeks. Then we would have insisted on a medical screening for Ovarian Cancer.

For nearly a year prior to diagnosis, Danalee had symptoms of Ovarian Cancer: 1) pelvic and abdominal pain, 2) urinary frequency and urgency, 3) abdominal bloating, and 4) difficulty eating; feeling full quickly. She repeatedly went to the doctors. They didn't recognize the symptoms.

Early detection is the key to surviving Ovarian Cancer. It is up to us, as husbands, fathers, sons and brothers, to know the symptoms and, if they persist, to get medical attention for the women we love.

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