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Mike's story of a truly blessed life
could help save the one you love


Did you ever watch a couple floating effortlessly by on the dance floor, each partner anticipating the next move as naturally as if they were born dancing together?

I wasn't Fred Astaire to Dana's Ginger Rogers, but when the music played, whether we were in our living room or on the dance floor at the Navy Officers' Club, we loved dancing together.

It is a rare and wonderful thing when your perfect dance partner is also your perfect life partner.

Danalee was my beloved wife for 26 years and 20 days. She was the mother of our sons, Patrick and Andrew. She was a woman of beauty, style, poise and compassion. Her dazzling smile could light up a room and her elegance and grace as a dancer touched every aspect of her life. Classically trained as a ballerina and a talented professional in floral and interior design, Dana was just as comfortable frying up a little boy's catch-of-the-day as she was being the gracious hostess of our annual holiday open house. Danalee was the heart of our home and family. She was my dearest friend, my passionate soul mate, my butterfly dancer, the love of my life.

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