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Mike Meets Annie - Pg. 2

Dana´┐┐s final wish for me is now fulfilled in my new love and wonderful wife, Annie.  When I met her, I found a woman uniquely joyful and incredibly beautiful.  It was more of the magic and miracles which have always filled my life. Serendipity, if you will,  brought Annie to me.  It was Annie who then brought us back to my very first love´┐┐Montana.  We now reside on a beautiful little ranch where we truly are living our dream.

Annie's Story.
I met Mike on February 23rd, 2008.  I was living in Atlanta, Georgia, and my life was full of wellbeing and joy, little did I know there would be much more to come. I was three and a half years into remission from ovarian cancer, stage IV, which had ended my wonderful 23-year career with the Georgia Department of Corrections. After a relapse in 2003, I knew my full time job was to get healthy and I was fortunate to qualify for medical disability. I chose not to fight my cancer but rather to love and embrace my confused and damaged cells and help them transition out of my body.  To me, fighting against the cancer, which was in fact a part of me, seemed counterproductive to the healthiness of my body, mind and spirit.  Mike Meets Annie - Pg. 3

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