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Living their dream at ￿ Life￿s Dance Ranch￿ - pg. 2

Afterwards, Annie suggested pursuing her passion, riding horses.  She had learned to ride dressage, which is ￿dancing on a horseback￿, while going through her chemotherapy years. Mike had in fact found another kind of ￿dancer￿ to share his life with. They drove to a little ranch in the mountains north of Helena and had a magic ride complete with rain shower, rainbow, mountain forest, meadows and beautiful blue Montana sky. During that ride, Annie, too, fell in love with Montana.  On the way back to Helena, for fun, they picked up a realtor paper to see about horse property in the area.  The next day, they found their piece of ￿heaven on earth￿, a forty acre ranch, the site of an old 1860 stage coach stop, with toll house, bunkhouse, log home, rock barn and various National Historic Registry structures.  They put money down that day, shipped their horse, Sonnet, from Florida to Montana the next week, had a small beautiful wedding ceremony on June 19th, went on a honeymoon, returned to pack up two households and moved west to their new home in early August.

Here they continue to spread Ovarian Cancer Awareness while promoting the love of dance and horses.  Their ￿Life￿s Dance Ranch￿ family has expanded to include another horse and a mule, ten sheep, one goat, four cats, and fourteen chickens.  Plus, the former owner, Peggy, agreed to stay on in their log home to teach them how to be ￿ranchers￿ and good stewards of the land. They are so grateful for these blessings flowing in their lives and share the magic of the ￿Butterfly￿ wherever they can.

Life's Dance Ranch - Pg. 3

Raising awareness for ovarian cancer and promoting the love of dance.

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