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A Tribute from Dana's Husband Mike.
Meet My Danalee...
She is Dancing in the Stars! (page 2)



 She frequently chaperoned or volunteered, lending her talents to make a more entertaining, comfortable or fun event for everyone. She never missed a school performance, track meet or the opportunity to cook up the catch-of-the-day her boys might bring home. Dana was proud of our sons accomplishments and had the joy of watching them grow into successful young men. She was loving and giving, my Danalee.

Danalee loved holiday traditions and always placed great importance on family and heritage. During her chemo treatments Dana transcribed love letters that had been written by my Grandparents before they were married during a war time courtship. She compiled these letters and created a book "Love Letters: The Courtship of Louis and Mary" that she gave as Christmas gifts the December before she passed away. Her labor of love is a treasured legacy for future generations to cherish. She was thoughtful and generous, my Danalee.

And she danced ... at the Diamond Horseshoe in Walt Disney World, for conventions, musical theater and many holiday

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Raising awareness for ovarian cancer and promoting the love of dance.

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