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A Tribute from Dana's Husband Mike.
Meet My Danalee...
She is Dancing in the Stars!









The first time I saw Dana was in the laundrymat of our apartment complex. I thought "there is a the girl for me." Later I knocked on her apartment door and she was decorating a birthday cake for her sister. This one small action says so much about my Danalee. She was thoughtful, generous, creative and always ready to celebrate an occasion with her family surrounded by learning and fine arts. She found her artistic expression in dance and trained as a classical ballerina. Dance became a passion that would last a lifetime.

After I met her I didn't waste any time making her "my Danalee." We began our lives together and our traveling Navy career at the same time. Dana's gifts of cooking, artful entertaining and easy friendships made her the perfect officer's wife. She enjoyed traveling the world, meeting new friends in foreign lands and the challenge of turning each assigned housing into a home. She made lasting friendships that became a second family.

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