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About Us - Butterfly Ballet



Our company, Butterfly Ballet, LLC., started on July 18, 2007. We have been blessed to have available the Butterfly Pas de Trois jewelry line and two music CDs inspired by Dana. Our company operates with an all volunteer staff, including;

￿ Mike Maixner: President and designer, retired Navy dentist: mike@butterflyballet.com , Helena, Montana.

￿ Annie Z.: Mike￿s new wife, grateful ovarian cancer survivor(Stage 4). Retired from Georgia Dept. of Corrections: annie@butterflyballet.com, Helena, Montana

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￿ Marcy McMullan: Mike￿s sister: marcy@butterflyballet.com, Boone, Iowa

Any of our staff is available for speaking engagements which support our Vision/Mission. Please contact us via e-mail or call 406-457-8277.

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Raising awareness for ovarian cancer and promoting the love of dance.

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