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Mike Meets Annie - Pg. 3


I actually felt empowered.  I gave my doctor control of the traditional treatment over my body but I had total control over two thirds of my being, my mind/emotions and spirit.  I spent the prescribed two years on Chemotherapy and I also put energy into letting go of things in my life which were draining me and I consciously added those things that brought me joy and comfort.  I bought my horse, Sonnet, and dog, Dudley who loved me into health.  I added in more prayer, meditation, Reiki, Shamanism, reflexology and volunteer work for Ovarian Cancer awareness and fund raising activities.  These loving activities combined with the help of my amazing daughter, Meghan, my family and friends moved me into remission where I have been for almost six years. 

It was divine intervention through a special Butterfly, that I met Mike.  A friend of mine in Atlanta, BB Webb, had made plans to meet with Mike to discuss a story she wanted to do on Butterfly Ballet, for a TV show she produced. She had learned about Butterfly Ballet from Mike￿s sister, Marcy when they met on a flight back from Montana.  She accidentally double-booked for the night of 2/23, which she discovered too late to prevent Mike￿s trip from Florida to Atlanta.  She asked me if I would meet with him instead to discuss the possibility of joint Ovarian Cancer fund-raising efforts.  I knew when I first saw him my life would change forever!

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